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Z Axis Lead Screw (ACME) came loose

I just finished setting up my XCarve, and when I started going through the initial testing, the ACME screw came completely out and fell down. Any ideas on this?

Well, that’s quite unfortunate, it might have not been tightened enough at the factory…

It’s held in by a pair of grub (aka set) screws through the coupler and into the acme lead screw… some people add blue (medium hold) loctite to this to provide a better hold, but that can also make removal difficult because the allen is tiny and could strip out, but what are the chances it ever needs removal, right

You could slide it back up into place and tighten the set screws firmly, I think it’s a 2 or 2.5mm allen head

Hi Chris,
oh well quality control is the dumps now a days. but is an easy fix.
you’ll need some thread lock for the set screw, just stick that acme back in its orifice + thread lock + tighten set screw.

Thanks everyone! It was indeed loose from the factory! Tightened and ready to go!!

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@ChrisSusskin, I would start a ticket with the Inventables Customer Success team. They will definitely want to track that type of situation even if it did not break anything and was an easy fix.


Brandon Parker