Z-axis lead screw nut wobble

Newly assembled XC1000. I have done a few projects successfully that didn’t require absolute accuracy, but have noticed that the Z-axis lead nut wobbles slightly. What might be making this happen? Will it affect the accuracy of the machine? I’ve linked to a video of the issue to help visualize what I’m talking about. Any insights would be awesome.

Seems like your stepper working under stress.
Check to see if your belt is too tight, give little bit flex if necessary. Put a little teflon oil to your Acme screw and try again.

Great thoughts, I’ll Give that a shot in the am. Hoping that’s all it is!

Relieved to hear that! Not that yours is worse than mine, but that is’s not affecting the cut. Thanks for your input! Just for good measure I did check the tension and it doesn’t seem excessive.

Will do. Thanks!