Z axis limit switch

I tested the homing button and when testing it the z axis would not stop contacted inventables and a tech. called me said the stop screw was too low and told me to keep adjusting it which I did 9 times until the arm of the limit switch fell off, thinking I may have misunderstood I re-adjusted the screw after fixing the arm and clearly was not it as the screw stopped the spindle right after it made contact with the limit switch does anyone have any ideas!

Are you testing the the Z axis switch when homing the machine? Because those switches only work for homing the machine, they’re not limit switches.

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As Russell said they are for homing only. They are not limit switches and during a carve if the machine hits one it will NOT stop it.

It was the limit switch setup and there were two options YES ENABLE HOMING / NO DISABLE HOMING I selected yes and stared the homing sequence and the spindle moved to the limit switch and would not stop I stopped the sequene
and adjusted the screw as was told by the tech to no avail, after stopping the sequence it gave me only the option of the forum for answers.

Did you manually test it to see if it was opening and closing?

if what was opening or closing?

what is the purpose of the limit switch if it doesnt do anything and you hve to stop the activity yourself.


The homing switch. If you open easel and go to the top and click on machine at the bottom click on advanced when that opens click on machine inspector. It should show 3 circles z;x and y. You should be able to manually push each homing switch closed and the one you are closing the light should come on.

It is a homing switch so you can home your machine not a limit switch.

yes we(the tech) and myself had checked the switches and everything was working and I thougt that homing was a process that put the spindle at a specific location

It will home to the front left. It will also home to the same spot each time.

I have been at this for 11 Days and am not any closer to cutting a piece of wood than I was 12 days ago

so why is the z axis raising to the limit switch and stopping any other movement

Not sure. The z should go up and touch the homing switch back off and touch it again. Once that is finished it should start moving to the lower left to touch the x and y.

I even ran the switch setup sequence and by passed the homing which took me to the spindle probe test and followed those procedure to again no avail it just sat there doing nothing 4 times

So what you are saying there is more to this then the machine not homing. You should be able to by pass the homing and set the machine up to run.

cant get by these test they are not working and I dont have the answers the switches are opening and closing tested those but I cant get past the homing test and when I by pass that I cant get past the probe test

Do you have a probe. If not click on manual and set it yourself.

and customer service has responed 4 hrs, 6 hrs, and 1 day later

yes I have a probe but I dont know if it works cant test it