Z-Axis Messed up when "Raising the Bit"

When I click to raise the bit it makes a very loud sound and takes almost 30-40 seconds for the bit to raise up. Then after that when it finally reaches that point it goes to the spot to cut and only lowers itself by a notch and starts cutting about an inch or two above my material. I finally got my machine to work after a year. of having it… then after two projects it acted up again. Any assistance on how to fix it or any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Hmm sounds like maybe loose wires, maybe check both ends.

Could you also check the grbl settings?
in machine inspector (press ctrl+shift+D) and scroll to the bottom to see these settings…

I will check out the GRBL settings and see what they say. I never messed with those before. Do the GRBL settings change on their own sometimes? I have tried both methods of zeroing out the Z-axis by using the probe and just homing it it to the material. When I home it manually and click the up and down button it seems to work fine but when I click the “Raise the bit” It almost sounds like its vibrating a lot and having a rough time raising up then it moves to the right spots and just starts cutting the air. Just get frustrated cause it will work a few times then it always seems like something happens that I have to adjust again. Thank you for your suggestions and help!

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Ah, ok, so manual commands seem to work alright then, interesting, I would focus on the settings in that case. That don’t usually change on their own, but easel will reassign them if you had to redo the machine setup, and if its been some months then I bet your did have to redo it, and you might have clicked the newer version xcarve by mistake and that will reset some settings, you could redo the setup and make sure to click the older xcarve option…
If you happen to have other 3rd party z axis that would also need custom settings, but here are the pre-nov 2021 x-carve defaults to refer to as you check yours .

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Okay I will give that a shot tomorrow and check out those GRBL settings first and see what I come up with. Thank you again for your time and help, I greatly appreciate it!

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You’re welcome!
But you can’t go thanking me until it’s up and running perfectly again :grin:

Have a good night!

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