Z axis motor is making noise as if its pushing itself

Im carving images on 18mm mdf everything seems to be great untill today i started hearing this starange noise as if the z axis motor is pushing itself i dont know if its the motor or something elseUploading 20151120_193957.mp4…

Read the forum on how to adjust motor voltages, if they’re being under or over-driven, they’ll make odd noises. This is something that needs to be added to the instructions as virtually everyone has this issue eventually.

Having said that, mine also started making an odd noise when it’s moving rapidly (and I’d already adjusted the voltages). A few puffs of powdered graphite onto the threaded rod and Delrin nut seemed to pretty much resolve the issue. It still does it occasionally, but I’ve come to ignore it as it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything.

Powdered graphite is used by locksmiths for lubricating locks, and is available from most large hardware stores. The advantage of graphite is that it is dry and won’t collect dirt & dust and won’t build up causing further problems later.

There have been some examples of folk having bent or misaligned acme rods in the forum, but if this has just started, I doubt it’ll be something that would affect you.

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thankyou david for your reply , ill try the graphite powder and also the motor voltage , thankyou again