Z axis Movement

My Z Axis movement from middle to top tight and from middle to bottom fine moving easy. V wheels are good adjusted not too tight or loose I find this when I Zero the machine Z axis not reaching top to touch limit switch and stops getting little vibrating and sound in motor anyone have like this issue kindly any suggestions to find the problem.

Did you break the delrin nut in when you assembled your xcarve?
That seems to be fairly common.

Also Iā€™m sure I read a post by someone saying that either their z axis bearing was not seated correctly, or they did not have the top nut tight enough which made their z axis bind at a certain point

Did you adjust your Z axis current using the instructions? The motor could be stalling due to insufficient current.

Derlin nut is fine and bearing seated fine. maybe I think current issue or acme lead screw or Z axis belt too tight.

I assume you have the Z axis with the bearing on the top and noting at the bottom. In that case if the distance from the Makerslide to the bearing at the top does not match the center of the ACME rod through Makerslide-Wheels-Spacers-ACME nut.

Undo the two bolts art the top that attach the plate to the Makerslide, move the Z axis up and re-tighten the bolts. You should be fine now.

If the holes in the top plate do not match the position of the Makerslide it will force the plate too far forward or backward and thus creating more friction. Look whether the ACME rod is parallel to the Makerslide, if it is further forward or backward at the bottom the bolt holes are too tight, make them bigger untill everything aligns.

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Thanks for Idea I appreciate
I seen here the distance between acme rod to Makerslide is not even from bottom to top