Z-axis moves only half the way

Maybe this is an FAQ, but everything I read so far seems to give not the right answer.

I have a 500 mm x-carve with dewalt 611 router.

If I carve something, no matter if with easel or with manuall G-codes from UCS my Z-axis carves only about half the depth it should. So 3 mm goes 1.46 mm deep.

My $102 is 188.947

I have checked the wheels, they seems to be tight.
The pullies on top seems to be tight.
The belt seems to be tight.
The spindle is ACME and configured right in easel.

I do not know, if theZ- poti has the right value, because I do not know, how to adjust them, means, how to find the right position for the potis (X, Y and Z btw) I tried several positions,but that has no influence, if it is high enough, that the axis is moving at all.
So one question is, how to find the right power-position on the potis?

The bit holds strong in the collet.

If its not carving, only moving, it goes the right dstance

I appreciate any idea.

(excuse my bad english :wink:

I assume you have Acme screw. Are you sure you put Acme screw while you’re doing your Machine setup on Easel.?
You may want to go back to machine setup one more time to make sure.

Also best way to adjust Stepper power is, you have to draw circle or rectangle big enough and air run it (About 0.5 above surface). Turn your spindle off and listen steppers while you’re changing your pod dials. Go very slow, until you hear humming sound. When starts humming, go slowly back until find sweet spot. The spot you find is your guide to adjust Z axis pod. Just put dial to same level. Hope this helps.

ok, I just have repeated the machine-setup. Its still ACME :wink:

Thanks for the poti adjustment tip, I wil try it immediately.

What I recognized while my tries, I did so far, is, that there is one low position, where the steppers don’t move at al, with a loud sound.
Then, if the stppers are moving, there is a very silent sound, that gets louder and higher at any time, until the poti is at its highest value.
Is the moment, where the sound becomes higher and louder, the momet you mean by “humming”?

i have tired it by “coding” a little g-code file, with 300 moves on each axis.
That should be similar to your advice, isn’t it?

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lesson one learned, its totaly different, to adjust the steppers, if I let the axis move 200 times, or if i let “carve” it a big rectagle. Moving axis is just useless …
Now I know, what you mean by humming :wink:

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@AlanDavis , thanks a lot, the stepper-tunig has helped, I had one successfull carve.

But now, it I have a new problem. I am not longer able to tighten the bit within the collet :frowning:
What can be go wrong with a dewalt-611 collet, so tat it is not possible to get it tight enough?

Does anybody know, where to buy dewalt 611 collets in europe?

Might be Metric/Imperial conflict. Sorry, I’m in US.