Z - Axis moving too much - SOLVED

Hi I bought an X controller to use with a Openbuilds Workbee CNC using Nema 23 Stepper motors.

The problem I’m having is that the z axis was moving too much ( 3-4 times more than intended.

I discovered that the Z axis stepper motor rotates approx. 3-4 times more when I move the z axis 1mm compared to the x and y axis. (all axis driven by ACME screws and Nema 23 stepper motors)

$102 was set to 200. (same for $100 and $101)

I have for now overcome this issue by setting $102 =50, and this gives me ok accuracy. However something appears to not be in order…

Any advice appreciated

Use the search function on this site. You need to calibrate it correctly.

If X/Y step/mm = 200 and jog 1mm with a 1mm command and Z=50step/mm and jog 1mm with a 1mm command => your micro step values are different thats all.

That would make sense. I see the x controller has 2x microstepping on the z axis as “default”.

I don’t know how to make a new post so I’ll ask here… I’m not perfect and sometimes I screw up. If I’m cutting 3/8" wood and end the cycle early via the X by the progress bar in Easel, the machine drops to Z0.25 and goes for home, snapping the tool and/or jamming things up (I program with the wasteboard as zero).

How can I change this “safety height” when I cut a program short to actually be safe? Something like 2" would be nice. That’s what I set my safety height as but that isn’t what it uses when you stop short of finishing a program. Thanks in advance!