Z-Axis Noise after mods

I wanted more Z height for my X-Carve 1000, I added 4 in. riser plates with a 7" linear bearing Z-axis with and a Nema23 269 oz. Motor.
Installation was easy but now the issue.
The z-axis vibrates and makes loud noises especially when making slow and small movements. I have played with g- code settings but nothing I did changed the vibration.
I have read on other sources that if you potentiometer volt is too high this could be a cause. I would think that a higher oz motor would need more voltage not less.
Any constructive ideas welcomed!

Sounds like your microstep setting for Z is a little, increase it one notch (if it was 1/4step set it to 1/8)
Also increase your $112 and $122 value, try double of whatever you have now.

I dont know how your Z-assembly is but if its a direct drive screw setup any “coarseness” while running will sound harsher. This phenomenon is especially apparent during slow movement / slow acceleration rates.

What type of z axis did you install. And like @HaldorLonningdal said increase the 112 and 122 setting it could be moving to slow.

That was it! I went was verifying your recommendations when I went to CNC4Newbies where I purchased my Z-Axis from and as I was looking at the their recommended setting I just happened to notice at the bottom of the page with double italics this “** For better performance you can change your hardware microstep setting to 1/8 and re-adjust the setting $102. Your Z axis will run better without a loud noise.” Made the changes when I got home and guess what -It Worked!
Thank you for the help!

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Glad it worked out & happy to help :slight_smile:
$102 value need to be recalibrated for sure as the travel per stepper revolution is different.

The hard mechanical connection between the stepper and screw make the whole assembly very stout.
The step-step pulse is very fastm faster than the acceleration rate which make the motion kinda “stuttery”, most noticeable during slow motion. Increasing micro step level help making things run smoother, which is the main purpose of microstepping.

Belt connections for the Xcarve are much less stout and mask this phenomenon :slight_smile:

Did you change dip switch settings also in the x controller?