Z axis not hitting workpiece during carve, but I can manually lower it

I’ve searched for other responses to this issue, but haven’t found any. I’ve been carving great for a day, but this morning after probing properly, the z-axis doesn’t lower to the workpiece during the carve. I can lower it manually. There’s no grinding. Please advise next steps, thank you!

Is it possible that you recently did a “new machine setup” and selected the incorrect Year Model of the X-Carve? Older (Pre Nov 2021) X-Carves will use a calibration value different than the newer ones (unless you’ve added the upgrades after the fact) … and if a user has to redo the setup and selects the incorrect year model, then these settings are changed. And this can cause the X,Y to be out of calibration by a factor of 0.4 and the Z axis to be out of calibration by a factor of 3.8 So for example if you tried to Jog down 1" it will only move about 1/4"
The simple Fix: Redo the Machine Setup in easel and select the correct year model and if applicable any upgrades.

The more manual fix: verify the grbl settings like this shows:

Thank you, I was able to get it to work by changing the location of the clamp when probing. Weird.

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