Z Axis not level

I went to level my waste board to hopefully fix some issues I have had when cutting. Particularly inaccurate cuts depths from left to right. This is a fairly new machine and still figuring it out. Never leveled the waste board before today. I had to stop it after just a few passes when I realized it was way off front to rear as well. I put a square to the Z Axis and it was way off. See the picture. Everything is flush and tight the Y rail is level but the darn carriage is off. I have no idea how to make this thing straight and level. Help is appreciated.


Try loosening the screws that connect the X rail to the Y plates then tilt the carriage back.
Another option is shimming the bottom connection of the Z assembly to carriage.

Be sure the cabinets/table, the whole machine is on, is level and sturdy. I had the same problem until I moved the machine off the top of my cabinets and leveled the cabinets. Had to put additional support in the center as well.

A bubble level has zero bearing on the setup and calibration of a cnc, the term level seems to confuse a lot of people… the goal is parallel and perpendicular.

The coreect method for setting tram:
Surface the wasteboard and then make the bit perpendicular to the plane of the surfaced wasteboard.

Make sure to surface first!
Heres 2 videos showing tramming, neither are xcarve, but ive yet to find a good video to share that shows the process on a xcarve… but the concepts and diy tools are valid on all machines…

Ohh and youll want to do all of the belt tensioning and eccentric nut adjustments prior to doing the surfacing and tramming

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