Z Axis not turning

I’ve been having issues with the Z Axis since build. Posted and received help here on these past issues. Machine has only done a few test cuts.

Today I was attempting to set up new software and noticed that the Z had a loud grinding noise, and that the spindle shaft of the stepper motor would sometimes not turn. At first I thought the gear was loose on the shaft. Verified this was not the case by moving the Z while watching the stepper motor shaft in the gear. Neither would turn.

I shut off the machine to take power off the stepper and turned by hand to ensure there was not a physical reason for it not turning. Z turned easily (Nema 23), but was extremely hot. I also verified that z was set to 2x microsteps on the gSheild.

Could the stepper motor have gone off this quickly, or should I be checking for something else?


It sounds like a shorted wire. Check the z-axis stepper wiring on both ends to make sure nothing is loose or touching where it shouldn’t.

Checked visually and using the “wiggle” method. No joy in Mudville. I’ve ordered a new stepper just in case. No harm having a backup.

I’ll dig out the meter and check better tonight after things cool a bit… The temp, and my temper… Very frustrating morning.


Check the pot setting If it is set too high the motor will stop and over heat.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Pot was turned up when attempting to debug another issue with the Z Axis. Let it cool a bit and turned down the pot. Seems to be working.

Thanx all,

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