Z axis not working - only clicking

I ran a test cut after setting up and everything went fine. Then I went to z probe and ran the bit into the Z probe and broke the bit. Now the z axis won’t move. When I try to jog it there’s is a clicking sound every time I hit the mouse. But the clicking sound is coming from the area of the
X axis motor. All the wiring is correct. Any ideas why my z axis is not moving with sound coming from the x axis motor area?

possibly the Z driver is now burned up.
it sounds like you may want to call tech support and have them guide you on opening up the X-Controller and checking for Char (burned residue) on the stepper driver chip for the Z axis.

BUT the X clicking might be from the power supply tripping off and back on, this will then energize that X (and the Y and Z) steppers momentarily as it tries to do this ,the short from a failed component (the driver is suspect) would then cause the power supply to trip off. And if this is the case the inventables customer support could ship out a new controller board…

Thats what it was, they are overnighting me a new panel. Thanks

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