Z-Axis Perdindicular issues

Feeling a bit defeated. After doing some projects, and sign, I got tired of sanding the tool marks and a couple other issues with depths. I looked over washboard and noticed its nite quite flat, which explains the cut depth issues. So I bought a 1/2" MDF board to mill flat. Long story short, I milled the top waste board about .02 off using 1" milling tool. Machined good with the exception of the visible tool marks on each pass. I used 85% step over. So looking over everything I seen others mention tram being out. So I did my best to try and square the Z axis up in both the X and Y direction best I could using carpenter square to wasteboard. Well finished up, then when to cut another sample MDF board to see what it looked like after adjustment. No paying attn, I didn’t set my start piece properly, and when started up, it crossed over, and destroyed one my hold downs, and busted a chunk of my V-wheel out. So now I am down for the Holiday weekend until replacement parts arrive. early next week.

So my question to the forum is has other experienced issues with the tool marks, and what were your methods to remedy the situation? Not sure if I got it or not until next week. haha

Thanks in advance

yes, only remedy is to square and tram. if you are having depth of cut issues you might want to check the step calibration on your Z

…or flex on Z. Uneven bottom surface dont require much change in Z to become visible. Highly material and bit dependant aswell.