Z-axis probe

Was there a change in the software that got rid of the prompt to use the z-axis probe versus manual setting of the z-axis? I have not used by X-Carve in several months. When I last used it, I was able to use the probe. Now, there is no prompt. I have made no changes in my system in the interim.

Probably a browser setting issue.

Re-run Easel’s machine setup (take note of any calibrated steps/mm first!) and see if it re-enables it.

I will try that tomorrow and let you know if it fixed it. Thanks

Your suggestion kind of worked. I was using a computer that I had used successfully in the past, but not my regular computer. I went through the setup and there was no difference - I was still not prompted to to use the z-axis probe. I then opened a new project and recreated my carve. It was a simple leveling cut so it took seconds to recreate. By starting fresh with the new project and having already run the machine setup, all was well. Thank you for that suggestion.