Z axis problems

I have an x-carve 1000mm. using Chilipeppr. Carved a couple things last week, did great. now today, loaded a g-code, ran it and it won’t actually carve. the X,Y axes work fine. I can watch it go through the motions all the way through the program. The Z axis though doesn’t actually touch the material. It goes up and down fine. I’ve checked my material thickness (.5"). I’ve checked my starting location (left corner, front, top). Not sure what is up.

Can anyone help?


Have you re-set your Z zero (as well as the X & Y)?

Each time you change tools, you’ll have more (or less) of the tool sticking out of the collet. This means that for every job, you’ll need to bring the tool down so that it just ‘kisses’ the surface, and then the Z Axis is re-zeroed.

Hope I’m not stating the obvious, but each axis needs to be re-zeroed for every job. If you need a hand with the simplest ways to do this, feel free to ask…