Z axis raising to high

Hello, when i go to carve and i hit to raise the bit after putting everything on the zero possision the Z axis is going to high. Then go’s to the starting point and the z axis does not lower enough and does not touch the board. Before everything was fine. I see in a topic a couple months ago it was a bug in excel. Could it be the same problem again?

What is your $102 GRBL value?
How far do Z travel when you command a 1" jog command?

My gbrl 1.1g {‘for help’} is what it says not sure how to set it up for deeper cut

Ok o changed cut to 1 inch still didn’t lower enough tired 2 and 3 inch sill lowers to the same spot

finish setting up your machine

Easel - Untitled.html (72.4 KB)