Z axis Rod Question


I am having an issue with the Z axis. I am using the X-Carve setup with the M8 Threaded Rod option. The Z axis moves more than it should. For example, a 2mm depth actually makes a 4mm depth and a 6mm depth actually makes a 9mm depth.

I think the problem might be the rod selection. I have a M8 2 pitch threaded rod with a 4 start. Does anyone know what the specs are for the X-Carve or Shapeko rods? I have a home built machine using an Arduino and CNC Shield, using the mentioned M8 2 pitch, 4 start rod.

When I use the Gcode sender, the Z axis is spot in regards to the depth.

Thank you for your help.

The Invwntables rod is M8 and differs from your pitch. Go to machine setup advanced and reduce the number of steps by 50%. Do not use machine setup as that will gove you the original default values.

Thank you, Erik.

Are you taking about: Machine -> Advanced -> Machine Inspector OR Machine -> Set Up Your Machine ?

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Correct. However, I believe it is a 2 start, not 4.

No, as stated in my original post, I have a home built system.

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