Z axis safety height at the end of a job?

Hi there,
I’ve just got an Xpro V5 controller which I’m running with CNCjs.
For a test I’ve imported gcode from Easel Pro (just a simple circle, cut on path) which cuts fine, but at the end of the job the z axis doesn’t lift up out of the design to a safe height before returning to the work 0 position. It just cuts through the wood.
Does this sound like a missing gcode problem? an easel setting? or a CNCjs settings problem.
I’m new to the wonderful world of gcode so any help is appreciated.

the gcode files can be opened with a word processor like Word, Notepad, etc and you can look at the gcode line by line. there should be a line at the end of the movements for a lift to the set origin safety height then a move to work zeros.

So long as the lift to the proper height line is present then the issue would have to be on the side of the gcode sender or the cnc itself not executing this line of code.

For Example:

Here is the lift command (Red arrow)
one line before the return to 0,0 command (Blue arrow)

However, if CNCjs id giving you troubles I suggest trying OpenBuilds Control OR GSender. Both just as capable as CNCjs with less compatibility issues.

Can you share the gcode? Upload the file here.
Cncjs won’t modify your gcode, so the issue is either with the gcode or possibly mechanical.

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I’ve never used CNCjs to know whether it works well with Easel’s gcode, but it sounds line you’ve got some experience here Neil. With your confirmation that CNCjs should be executing the commands without issue, then I’m betting the issue along the lines of the mechanical issue…
Maybe a loose stepper motor connector… It could be getting pulled when the Z gets lower and lower within the cut, then its so loose that it’s got intermittent connection when it comes time to lift… OR just general binding of the Z axis during the lift move. :man_shrugging: Anyway, I’d check over the machine itself @TimHarrington

Thanks guys for your help guys,
I’m not going to be anywhere near my computer or CNC for about a week but I’ll grab the gcode then.
Mechanical is a possibility. Since swapping the controller and using CNCjs the steppers certainly sound different and move very jerkily sometimes.
Also I keep getting a soft limit alarm when jogging the z axis, when it’s nowhere near its limit. All very strange…

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Is something like UGS a better bet for compatibility with the xPro V5 do you think?

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No. They all serve the same purpose. I’d recommend gSender which is based off cncjs, but much more actively developed.

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