Z axis set screw

I have lost my z axis set screws and need to replace them asap. Any idea what size i would look for in the hardware store?

M3 is what you need.

I previously had that problem. I would suggest taking the pulley to the hardware store with you. My local Ace Hardware didn’t have the M3 set screws so I had the guy in there tap the holes to M4. I also change the length of the set screws to 1/4" or 3/8" I believe. That way I can tell if the set screw has become loose or falling out. PS, remember to use some blue Loctite.

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See the info and links in this post:


Good you mentioned that, retapping to M4 makes it a lost stronger. Longer screws too.
Loctite is golden (blue formula)

M3 in the US isnt that common in general hardware stores, if one have a RC Model shop around they may have M3 in stock.