Z axis settings

Hi Community,

I have a jig with 6 items I am carving as a single project – Each item is being cut the same x 6 – trying to maximize my production you see…

To hold the items in place I am using small strips of aluminum angle. The angle adds rigidity so there is minimal flex in the holding.

Once I start my cut, I need the Z-axis to raise high enough to clear the aluminum angle before it starts the next plunge.

I am not finding any setting in Easel where I can adjust the Z-axis between cuts.

My actual material is 3mm ABS but there is a lip on the edge of each item I need to clear. So, to clear the lip I need to raise 11mm between each cut then I can move down and start the next cut. But, the hold-down jig I made adds an additional 5mm. Therefore, I need to raise 16mm between each cut so I can get down to the 3mm cut and get some work done.

My current workaround is to set the material thickness in Easel to 16mm so I can clear everything but there is a lot of air cutting before it ever reaches the material.

Any thoughts??? Is there is a setting to tell Easel to raise the Z by a value between cuts???


Does the info below help? If not, can you share your project? Worst case, you could manually edit the gcode.