Z axis setup not moving

Good morning all,
I just got my xcarve setup and was going through the prop to ensure it moves properly. The x-axis and y-axis moves as it should but the Z-axis doesn’t move up or down. The motor works and the belt is spinning but spindle is not travelling up or down. HELP!!!

Make sure your pulleys are tight. Search for posts on replacing the set screws with socket head screws so you can get them tighter. If the set screws are loose, the pulley will just spin on the acme rod. If that doesn’t spin it will obviously not move the z axis.

Is the Acme screw spinning?
Did you install the Delrin block on the Acme screw and attach to the spindle mount?

Yes. The top is spinning but not the rod

If that’s the case, it’s got to be loose set screws, possible made more obvious by vwheels adjusted too tight.

Agreed. Any binding should be identified and resolved. (bearing, vwheels, self in nut alignmemt/tightness)

Regardless of where the binding occurs, however, when tightened properly the set screws should not allow the pulley to turn independent of the acme threaded rod.

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Finally got it right! Had to force the acme rod still with soft vice grips to retighten the top set screw! Does anybody else have a problem tightening the collet and 1/16" bit provided with the kit on a the 1/4 dewalt 611?