Z axis "shudders"

My spindle “shudders” while cutting.
I can actually see the rotational movement from the motor torque.
I have readjusted and tightened up everything with no change.
anyone else have this problem?
My machine is less than 2 month old.

Check your wire connections again. I had this happen with the x-axis after a month with the machine. I would have sworn that there was some physical impediment but it was one of the stepper motor wires loose.

WOW…I never thought of that.
I will check later this afternoon.
Thank you.

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just curious.
Where did you find the loose wire?
on a preinstalled plug or on a plug that you have to wire yourself?

It was a loose terminal strip screw on the x-controller. My mistake I thought I had them all tight.

My depths are not more than .1"
I wanted to keep it on the shallow side because I’m still getting used to the machine.
It didn’t do it when I first got it.

0.1" DOC may not be very shallow at all, it depends on the bit diameter, material properties and feed rates. Try 0.01" as a starting point?

What is your bit size/feed rates and material?

Its a 1/4 inch 2 flute. The material is Pine.
I have tried different speeds and it still does it.
WOW… If I have to go down to .010 as a depth, it would be creating dust and the job would never get done.

I did check the connections and did indeed find them to be a little loose.
thank you for the tip.
I retightened them all, however it still does it.
I’m quite confident that its a mechanical problem and not electrical.

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You are describing a symptom that to me sound like the machine is working hard.
What happens if you reduce the workload as in reducing the depth per pass as suggested?

If 0.01" work fine try say 0.02" and work your way toward optimum depth per pass.
I am not saying you should stay at 0.01" but simply go lighter and increase based on machine feed back (as in no shuddering)

I have very quickly learned that carbide is the way to go.
I’ve bought a number of them from Tools Today and they work great.
(although not cheap)