Z axis sinking

Hi Folks,
I just used the upgraded z axis for the first time to make a sacrificial spoil board. As I was drilling the holes, the bit collet appears to be going lower and lower.
Anyone else have this issue?
I never had it with the old z axis.
Just a thought.
God Bless,

Frame is not moving, router is not shifting, just the collet appears to be going lower and lower

When you say “bit collet” what exactly do you mean? I had some situations were mine was clearing an area and within the area I was clearing the Z kept stepping down lower and lower on each run. Each time the machine changed direction it dug in deeper. I was trying to clear out a pocket, within the first 4 passes I was .4 deep like a stair step instead of .1 deep. I was using G-code out of V-carve. All the advice I got was my bit was slipping in the collet on this forum and a vectric group on facebook. Pretty much the same from Inventables team.

Clearly that wasn’t the issue. As my machine is solid and accurate. I switched to pic sender and it immediately went away.


Thank You
I will look into that

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