Z Axis slowly falling at start up

two situations causing my z axis to slowly drop the moment the spindle is turned on, either the rpm is high or the motor is very low (short bit)
4X4 XCarve Pro

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Set $1=255 in machine inspector.

Press ctrl+shift+D and scroll to the bottom. Is $1 set to 255?
If its not you csn scroll back to the top and send that command
Then scroll back down and hit the small refresh button on the right to verify its been updsted properly…

This locks the steppers any time the machine is in idle state , holding z position along with x,y as well.

Supposedly this was fixed and the factory defaults have this setting chsnged … but your machine is an example that the issue is still present.


Hey Seth, Thank you a ton! It fixed it for now hope it doesnt happen again.
that has been a headache.

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