Z Axis starting point

I’ve noticed with Easel, you set your starting point, then it raises before starting the carve. Once done, it returns to the raised start position. If I am doing a second pass without changing the bit, do I need to drop the bit prior to starting that pass? If so, how do I know how far to specify in the g code?

I also have a similar question in Fusion 360. I notice it starts the carve at an elevated point away from where I have set the origin point. Do I need to manually place it in that position, or do I just set the tip at the origin point and it will take care of the rest?

For example:

Say I have a carve that will be made from a 6x6 block of material. My origin point is set as the center of the top plane. When I go to simulate, the simulation starts on the right hand side. Where should I set the end mill before starting the carve?

As far as Easel goes, the way to start a new cut with the same work zero point is to hit the Use Last Home button (I think that’s the wording, it’s something like that), which is directly to the right of the big green Confirm Home Position button.

If you accidentally click the big green button (as I tend to do, that big button is so tempting), the previous work home position is lost for the Z axis.

I can’t help with the Fusion 360, I spent some time with it, but was never anything close to competent with the product.

For vCarve, you select in the vCarve project where you want the origin, and zero to that point on your stock when starting a carve with Easel. Fusion may be similar, at least it makes sense to me, but I just don’t know.


Ahhh…very cool. I’d not noticed that before. Gonna have to give that a try later today when I go out for some more goofing around with the X-Carve.


For Fusion 360, your origin is not your starting point for carving. It will calculate where the most efficient startpoint is, and start there.

Interesting. Then how do you know where to position the bit when starting a carve?

That’s why I was asking. I can do that fine in Easel or F-Engrave, but Fusion 360 seems to start the bit in some strange places during the simulation. I had assumed that setting the origin meant that was where the bit started and it then moved to the point in the simulation from there, but maybe I am wrong.