Z axis stepper motor noisy and hot

Z stepper motor groans and whines as it works. It is also so hot I can’t keep my fingers on it. Seems to be tracking the project correctly, but the moaning and heat can’t be good for the motor. Any way to correct this or is my stepper motor getting ready to fail?

If the stepper is hot to the touch, please check the Z axis potentiometer and make sure it’s not cranked all the way up. Check out @RobertA_Rieke’s videos on tweaking the potentiometers and make sure yours is set correctly…

Not so hat that it burns my fingers but hot enough that I don’t want to leave them on it for more than a couple of seconds.

That is probably not “too hot” for the stepper to operate safely, but if you need to use that much current to drive it without slipping you may have some excess drag in your Z axis. Recheck that your wheels are not too tight and recheck the derlin nut. Maybe loosen and re-tighten its mount screws to make sure it is not canted. Check you threaded rod to make sure it is not bent.

Thank you. I will check them.