Z-Axis tight spot - fails limit switch test

When running my new XC through the limit switch test there is a tight spot with about 20mm of M8 threaded rod left, going up the Z-Axis, before reaching the switch.

It was worse but I adjusted the V-Wheels, motor mounts, pulleys, and lightly oiled the rod. It stops when manually stepping as well. Makes binding sound. I noticed the V-wheel friction is tighter here than further down.

The Dewalt 611 is close to the bracket at this point, but not touching.

It “feels” like the rod might have a slight bend or maybe bad threading - but nothing is visible.

I have to quit working on it right now but will try removing the rod and flipping it end for end in a couple of hours.

I did use a power drill and ran the plastic nut the length of the rod about six times.

Anyone other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

So can a misaligned top bearing plate.

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Thanks for the replies!

I loosened and re-tightened both the bearing plate and delrin nut and my XC passed the test.

Went on the do this test carve with 1/4" bit - this is awesome!