Z-axis upgrade

Hey there, so I’ve recently upgraded my Z axis on my x carve. Unfortunately, the standard settings cause my z-axis to move down now, instead of up. Is there a way to swap motor direction so that the z-axis goes the opposite direction?

Swap the Green and Black wire on the back of the X-Controller, I just had the same problem with mine and @NeilFerreri1 helped me out. Thanks again Neil


You can also change the direction of each axis by changing the value of $3 – Direction port invert, mask if you would like to reverse the direction in the firmware.


Brandon Parker

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In here is a chart for the numbers for changing $3:

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Hey, thanks for the info. As it stood, I ended up diving into the original setup of the y axis and the inventables instructions gave that answer as well. Swap the green and the black…just don’t chew it. (Mission impossible anyone?) Anywho. I do appreciate everyone’s responses! A very helpful community indeed.

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you can also do it in the machine setup if you don’t enjoy typing in gcode. when you test the axes if it goes the wrong way during the test, you can tell it to flip it. but flipping the wires is more reliable if you lose your parameters somehow.