Z Axis when using Easel

Have had some really helpful support so thought I’d chance my luck and see if I can get some help with another problem I’m trying to get my head around.

When setting up a cutting job in Easel, positioning the X and Y to Zero and lowering the bit to the surface I have the following problem.

When I’ve lowered the bit and then choosing to raise the bit, the stepper motor grunts without raising the head, then continues to raise the head maybe 2mm of the surface.

Manually controlling the Z axis on the keyboard or via Easel buttons the Z axis steps up and down as it should.

It does this only when using Easels wizard?

Any thoughts on this appreciated as I’m having to manually manipulate the Z before starting a cut.

Thanks in anticipation.

Post your GRBL settings (open Machine Inspector in Easel and type $$ and paste the results here).

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lubricate the acme thread on the z axis at the delrin nut. make sure your v wheel tension is not too tight,either.

Your symptom (stepper grunting) = stalled motor.

A stepper motor stall mainly of the following reasons:

  1. Mechanical friction too high, requiring more torque than the stepper can supply
  2. Rapid rate ($112) or acceleration value too high ($122)

Point 1:

  • Check that the delrin block run smoothly
  • Loosing the delrin block mounting bolts just a tad, tightening them may skew the block ever so slightly increasing friction
  • Using a battery drill, run the acme rod up and down many times to make it seat better, it may be a little tight.

Point 2:

  • Default value, IIRC, for $112=1500 and $122=50. Check and verify.

That was a great help, I have adjusted those settings and things are a whole better. Thank you, I’m still in a deep learning curve and testing with bits so greatly appreciated the feedback.

Thank you.