Z axis will not work

I bouth my xcarve almos t two years ago, many things keep me from using it, and working on it, i assembled it and asI developed the firstthings to carve in it, and as I tested the gcodes produced by fusion360, once it simply wentall the way down, breaking the bit, since then, whenever I try to use it, the z axis has been troublesome, I already changed the whole wiring for the stepper motor, have checked the tension on the belt, andtodañy i try to use it and again it will not move, themottor will simply buzz, but it will not move it, I really am considering giving up on the machine.

PS the power from the Arduino is at its peak

Did you check to see if the set screw in the pulley is tight and not slipping? If it is tight I would take the belt off and and see if the pulley moves then. it could be a bent rod. A video of what it is doing my be helpful.

I suspect the V wheel/s may be damaged.

I suspect that you have no idea what you are writing about.

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Sounds like something is binding. Will the Z-carriage move freely with the motor disconnected? Do the motor spin when it is not connected to the belt/Z?

If the Arduino power (current limit) is set to peak, what do you mean?
Dial set to max? Or Voltage reference set to what value exactly?