Z-Axis Wobbling

Hey Everyone,

I noticed during assembly that there was a wobble in the z-axis. I tried to tighten the fixed and eccentrics wheels but I can never get them tight enough. Once I did a test cut, you could see the wobble really affecting the cut. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

You need to adjust the eccentrics as well, not just tighten them.
Rotating the eccentric moves the wheel in relation to the extrusion.

The Y-axis sliders need their eccentric wheels tightened up too. I always had slop in my Z-axis and spent a lot of time working my gantry to tighten and adjust things. I just recently discovered that it was my Y-axis wheels that were a bit too loose and caused the gantry to ‘rotate/flex’ slightly…just enough to always make me think it was my Z-axis.

I took the whole thing apart on Saturday and replaced some of the soft-metal Inventables-provided screws with hardened steel cap screws…MUCH better now.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t aware of that about the eccentrics. I’ll try that when I get home today. Mine seems to be just the z-axis. It seems to be twisting on the acme lead screw because the wheels are tight enough to prevent that.