Z axis won't cut deep enough

I have a x-carve and trying to carve a tool board but it will not cut into the board but about .093 inches
into the board. Told the machine to cut .50 inch. but cuts no more than .093

Welcome to the forum Jeanne
Could you share the file?

My name is Virgil. Jeanne is my wife. I don’t know how to send you the file

Well then Hi Virgil,
When you have the Easel file open
Go To File…Share
Click on Shared with Link
Highlight the link
Then copy the link
CLICK SAVE…don’t forget to click save
Then paste link in your reply

myfiles.htm (12.7 KB)

Virgil are you using Easel Pro?
I wasn’t able to open what you sent.
I’m using Easel and that’s how you send an Easel file but maybe its different if you’re using Easel Pro.
Could someone let me know if sharing an Easel Pro file is the same as sharing an Easel file?

I am using easel pro image

I am having the same problem with 1/4 mdf. I measure all 4 corners and set to the thickest dimension. Some of the pieces in a 2’x2’ piece especially in the back half of the board don’t cut all the way through.

I am using 3/4 in. pine

How are you setting you Z ? Are you using the Z probe?
Try using this file

Welcome to the forum Kristy,
You router is probably not parallel to your waste board. Did it just start this or has it always not cut through?

It has been doing this from day one. I have measured the rails and they are parallel to the cutting surface. I have used a framing square to make sure the spindle is correct.

A lot of people including myself have place a waste board on top of our waste board and took a skim cut. That way your router is perfectly parallel to your work surface. You say its not cutting all the way through 1/4" MDF, is it just a little bit? If so then doing a skim cut on your waste board will help out.

If you command Z to raise or lower 1" is the actual travel also = 1"?