Z axis working in the opposite direction

received my new mother board put controller back together y & y axis work fine z axis works
in reverse up is down and so on . how do i correct this any help would greatly appreciated

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if you perform a machine setup in easel, there is a step to test directions and if you answer the questions regarding which ones are operating inversely Easel will automatically adjust the $3 setting accordingly to correct this issue.

IF you want to do the adjustments manually, then you’d need to read the $3 settings, plot it in the chart below, and adjust the $3 value to be what your machine needs to invert the applicable axises.

thank you sir . i saw the one about the chart but quite don’t understand which value i use 1st column 2nd . i will try the easel test hoping to fix the issue

You can ignore the “mask” column

Example , you go to machine inspector in easel (press ctrl+shift+D) and read the value for $3 at the very bottom in there…

In this example I’ll say the read value is $3=3
And x and z operate in the opposite directions than I want them to.

In would need to send the command $3=6 in order to change the values of x and z only…
As shown here, y keeps the prior value (green stays the same value) while x & z are changed (from red to blue)

(Pro tip if y axis operates in the wrong direction on a double y cnc, you can just swap the plugs to quickly fix that one :+1:)

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