Z Cut Too Deep

I had a hard stop (plastic on the Plexi separated and wound around the spindle) and since then the Z is way off. I used the probe and set the Z manually with the same result. It is cutting through the plexi a good 1/16 into the wasteboard on the first cut. It is set at .02 per pass.

All the material settings and cut settings in Easle are the same before the hard stop. Any suggestions on how to get this resolved?

Try to re-home and reset your X, Y and Z. possibly the plastic prevented your Z from moving up and caused some slippage somewhere?

Thanks for the suggestion! I homed the machine and it went the way it should. Does that reset the x, y and z?

I tried the cut again and it repeated the same behavior of plunging through the material and into the wasteboard before I canceled the cut. I am a complete beginner, and I don’t know how to read the machine inspector to see if those are correct.

and should the Z numbers be the same? This was taken when the machine was homed.

machine position-should be more than 7/8 of inch. reset X, Y, and Z
work position is showing you have 1/2 " material / stock for your project

I am having the same problem (also following a job that went bad wrong.

“Try to re-home and reset your X, Y and Z.”

Are these two steps? Please define reset X, Y, and Z

re-zero XYZ

When you set the x, y, and z before the carve, is that re-zeroing the XYZ?

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yes, just like setting up a new project.

Daaang. That doesn’t help. It is still cutting way too deep.

Here are the test cut and images. Any thoughts?

Hi Curtis,
Can you scroll down and get the $1 setting?

Also your RPM is too fast for plastics, like plexiglass, that’s why you’re experiencing a melt… go slower like 8K rpm and a Faster Feed too… Also what Type of bit is this and o-flute hopefully?

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Thanks for that tip! I’ll tweak those settings (just using the Easle settings). Normally there isn’t any melting because my depth of cut is so shallow. I am using a 2 flute downcut.

The $1 is 0 (zero) in this case.

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There’s the root cause of the excess depth … Change $1 to = 255
(this is now how all new Pro’s are shipped, but apparently quite a bunch were shipped out with $1=0 setting)

$1 it the amount of time that the steppers will hold locked during an idle state… with 0-254 being in milliseconds and the setting of 255 being infinite.

What happens: you set Z, then X,Y and then lift the spindle… and it goes into an IDLE state and it slowly starts to fall (gravity) and then when you do send the carve, the Z is now lower than the sender (easel) thinks it is… so your Z zero is lower than it should be and your carve will be deeper than it should be.

You may also want to open the cover and verify/adjust the belt tensioner as it may be loose from the melt/crash.

I gotcha, I understand that a downcut is preferred for pockets, but they do a poor job at removing the (hot) chips. As a result often times an air assist, just like those used for lasers, is added to assist in cooling when a downcut bit is required with plastics.

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Thank you for your help! I’ll take a look at the belt tension, too.

Now I have to learn how to edit. I don’t even know what it is called so I can’t search for it. Any pointers in that direction will be greatly appreciated.

at the very top (left) just type:
Hit enter

Then scroll back to the bottom and hit the tiny refresh button and the value should be updated :slight_smile:

So great! Thanks for the help! That fixed the z-issues now to tackle the feeds/speeds and bits!

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