Z cutting too deep

I’m using an X-Carve through a maker group. I’ve done a number of projects with no concerns. Recently a member had problems with it cutting about a 1/4" into the waste board. I remade a project from before (no changes to it’s spec.) and had the same problem. The router started going a 1/4" passed the work piece into the waste board. I’ve double and triple checked the work piece thickness, problem still there. I did do some engraving with no concerns but these cuts are very shallow with no through cuts. Any ideas? Thanks…Ken.

Check the pulleys on the Z-axis. The set screws might be loose.

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as this is a community used machine, it may be a good idea to double check the grbl settings.
Somebody could have messed up the calibrations


Thanks guys, I will be back to the X-Carve tomorrow. I’ll verify that the correct Z lead screw is selected in the setup and home a bit on a one inch alloy block, then use the up arrow for I" or 10mm. Then measure how far it raised. If it measures more than 1" or 10mm, I would think there may be a concern with the stepper motor or software concern. I’ll check the screws and hardware but understand the error is a 1/4" not a few thousands of an inch. When the problem is found, I’ll put the fix on here, thanks…Ken.

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Project Setup.
Work zero.
In that order.

I went to the shop yesterday and checked all the normal things. Then re-ran the machine setup. Verified a few measurements and ran a project. The Z cut correctly. Resetting the machine setup fixed it or it fixed itself. I did another project after and it also did fine. We’ll keep an eye on it, hopefully it’s good to go, thanks…Ken.