Z depth changes part way through project

Hello, I am very new to CNC. I have the carve king 2 from millright.
My issue is when carving a project, the beginning is fine but then part way through it cuts a path about the material, just air. I have double checked that all the cut depths are the same, it is a one time cut, flat and level wood. I do not understand this.


I would check your safety heights, make sure it’s over traveling.
Or possibly spindle slippage might be an issue

how are you determining this? All too often i hear “a Bubble level” as the answer t this and unfortunately this is not the proper way as “level” does not actually matter, the goal is “Parallel to the spindle plane”.
I suggest surfacing the workpiece as the BEST method whenever possible and this shimming trick as a close 2nd.

Seth, thank you for the video. I will give that a try. I know my spindle/bit travels at pretty much the same hieght across the whole board but part way through it just does not drop back down and stays about 1/4 inch above the board while cutting. This is a major difference in height as to where it should be. I will be honest, I have had this machine since January this year and have had so many issues, its very deflating.
After saying that, I will try anything to make this work.
Thank you so much

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Are these the numbers you suggest I change to?


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No, you should choose setting in which you are comfortable in your setting.

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