Z depth of cut issues after upgrade

So here’s where I am.
I just did the 9mm belt and motor upgrade for the x,y axis.
It was suggested I upgrade the wires as well, so I did.
Somewhere throughout all this the Z Probe connection(where it plugs in) was broken so I replaced that as well.

Here’s the problem I am having.
It’s set in easel pro for 1 inch material as well as only cutting 1 inch deep. BUT, it carved .504" deeper into my wasteboard.
or a total depth of 1.4185"

Everything was going just fine throughout the carve.
But, at the end of the carve instead of cutting 1.3mm each pass, the z cut that half inch into my waste board all at once.

I am this morning squaring my gantry as well as checking all the wires and squaring up everything I can.

Did you also upgrade the z axis to the new linear rail style?

The grbl settings need to be adjusted if that upgrade also occurred.

Reference the default settings here along with the link to the settings for the upgrades.

no new rail

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