Z depth plunges too deep

I have a machine I built from openbuilds, and the electronics from Inventables, as I know nothing about electronics or grbl.

The machine uses Acme leadscrews TR8*8 2p (4starts) on the x, y, and z axis
Uses the x controller w/endstops and touch plate. Using Easel

The machine homes fine, when I use the probe everything is fine, but when I go to cut the z plunges right through the work piece and into the spoil board.

The z axis is tight I have rechecked that a couple of times
According to a step calculator I found online ( have no clue if I am doing this right) with the leadscrews I am using it says I should have
x and y = 314.96 $100 & $101
z = 78.74 $102
x and y = 1/8 microsteps
z = 1/2 microsteps
Anyone with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Search calibration steps per mm

Try to jog 20mm, how is the actual travel?

Ok I have adjusted the steps
I tell the machine to move 100 in x and y and it moves 100
z is good too
get everything ready to cut use the probe it retracts the distance it is supposed to hit carve and it plunges through the piece and into the spoil board.
Bang, Bang, Bang ….that is my head against the wall

How are you generating your gcode?
What software are you using for your design?

using Easel and x controller

I ditched the z probe and set the height manually and everything works perfectly!!

Sounds like your probe wasn’t set up correctly.
Glad it’s working!

When I do the probe calibration in easel everything works fine.
Then do a probe before doing a job it works, but soon as I hit start it just bores right through the work piece and into the spoil board

Are you setting your probe on the workpiece? Can you open the machine inspector and check the commands that are sent when you probe?

I was just trying to find the gcode for the job. Is there a way to see the gcode that easel generates?
Not the machine settings, but the gcode for the job about to be cut

You can export the gcode, but I don’t think that’s where the problem lies. Did you have the probe on the workpiece or on the wasteboard?

had it on the workpiece

how did you do that? i have the same problem, how did you make it work?

Unplug the probe. Get rid of it. Then just manually , through easel controls, move your spindle to what you want to be “home” . Then make it home in the easel software. Then hit cut. It has been a while since I used easel. If I remember you hit cut and then it asks you where home is and use the controls in easel to move the spindle to your home then lock it in with easel and continue on with the questions easel presents. I hope this helps. Anymore questions feel free to ask