Z depth problem


I am new at using vCarve Pro and I’ve been having a problem with the cutting depth.

In the program I specify the cut depth to be X, but the machine cuts double that depth.

Material thickness (foam): 1.125 in
Z Zero from top of the material
Z1: 0.5
Z2 0.5
Home Z: 0.8
End Mill: 3/16 in
Pass Depth: 0.1 in
Cut Depth: 0.3 in

Actual depth: 0.6 in

Are you using the correct post processor?

Does it work using like Easel? Have you verified your microstep setting and your steps/mm?

I have a Laguna Swift 4x4, and I’m using the Laguna Swift CNC post processor.

that is exactly same thing happen to me? did you fix the problem?

what is the correct post processor? can you explain it? please

I’m having kinda the same problem. Told machine to cut 1/2" total,through plywood. Its actually cutting to about 9/16". I’m using easel and going 1/8" depth per pass.

Post processor is what writes the gcode.
You need to use one compatible with your controller and sender.
For example if I design in Vectric I save tool paths with Easel post processor as I am using Easel to send the code to X Carve.

I found the solution.
just set up easel setting again correctly, the problems are disappeared.