Z goes too deep and Merry Christmas

Z is odd. Depth starts .05" too deep, even with z-probe. Jig was surfaced, carve is otherwise consistent in X and Y, maybe undersized a bit from a dull endmill. Z is consistent from side to side. Setting correct, Z-probe puck thickness checked. Everything square, tensioned, brand new upgrade kit. Weird, because it was correct, then just started doing everything .05" deeper than it’s supposed to.

Kinda at a loss. Can layering affect a carve? Do files get buggy? Is my X-Controller on the naughty list?

Hi @JonLucca ,

I’m assuming a couple of things here:

  1. this issue is with a particular file, not all files?
  2. when you upgraded your machine, you set up a new machine profile in Easel?
  3. $1 is set to 255? (this keeps power on the steppers when idle)

Also what do you mean by:

Maybe, Which Z axis do you have? the new one with the linear rails and a the Stepper mounted at the very top, or the older one with Vwheels and a circle belt at the top and stepper in the back?

What happens fairly often is that Easel prompts the user to perform a new machine setup and the user selects the wrong year-model and that edits the cnc’s calibration settings. and this can cause issues with Size, including the Depth…

Another issue that could cause your issue is a loose collet and the bit falling down…
Another issue is with the new Z the collet at the top, quite a few of these have found to be loose from factory.
Another possible issue is that the Z is not holding itself locked, I suggest performing this change to EVERY X-Carve: How to fix X-Carve Lock Motors Fault For Stress Free Bit Changes - YouTube

  1. just checked with a fresh one, all files are affected
  2. Yes, new machine. I am going back and forth from a Shapeoko2 and the fully upgraded X-carve
  3. $1 is set to 255

My endmill measures slightly under 1/8", so I expect pockets to be slightly undersized, but that shouldn’t affect the Z

I have the fresh new Z with stepper on top, new belts, stiffeners and motors.
Machine setup is the Upgrade choice, everything is upgraded with the kit, except for the router which is a Dewalt 611 that is brand new. That setting is changed after setup.

The collet is a precision one from Think and Tinker, and the endmill doesn’t seem to be slipping as I’ve run quite a few pieces, and the carves are consistently too deep, but all the same.

I believe all the dip switches are set for motor locking. I tested the z movement, and it seems to be as close as I can measure for calibration.

I am suspecting a calibration issue, but I’m not seeing what would be causing it.

I did see someone else adjusted their z probe the difference, but that seems hacky to me.

EDIT: checked the Z shock absorber/collet? at the top. It wasn’t loose, but cranked it down some. In a new test file, checked the depth of a small .25" deep circle, coming up .27".

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Just zeroed the carve manually, and it’s within .001. Z-probe still sends it too deep.

Is this some work zero oddness?

In my last issue, I was having issues with a jig, and was using G92 to set work zero offsets, which I’m wondering if it’s affecting my current issue.

  • ok
  • [PRB:-520.405,-520.405,-131.379:1]
  • [TLO:0.000]
  • [G92:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G30:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G28:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G59:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G58:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G57:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G56:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G55:0.000,0.000,0.000]
  • [G54:-520.405,-520.405,-145.868]
  • $#
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