Z height probe limit 95mm problem

Z-height with probe.
I have rebuilt my z-axis so I have a travel of 180mm, but when you need to use the probe to find the z zero point, it is only possible to run 95mm towards the probe, even if the distance to the workpiece is 120mm. If but e.g. runs 100mm down with the z axis, locks the program and the only option to continue is reset the machine, drive to home, and start again, but only run 95mm down and manually run the last piece.
Does anyone know how to change this distance as the z axis can run down without reporting errors.

I don’t use Easel, so I can’t help you with a setting there (I don’t think you can in Easel, but you can in others).
That said, do you really want to slow probe from 100mm away? Why not jog closer before you probe?

Hi Neil,

Thanks for reply.
I drive fast down to 95mm and from there the probe function starts.
If I run more than 95 mm down (fast), the program locks and I have to reset the machine

So it’s not the probe function that causes it?

Maybe a soft limit issue?
Do you have soft limits set? ($20 = 1)
If yes, is your $132 value correct?

Hi Neil

Yes soft limit on, and $132=180.
So it is a software issue, but can the soft limit be changed?

Regards Bent

Are you using Easel?
Is it reporting an error number?

Hi Neil
Yes - Easel.
I can run fast down longer than 95 mm, but when I start probing nothing happens, even though an animation of a router bit running down appears on the screen. - No error code.
The machine inspector events show “alarm - ALARM:2”

OK, that’s the soft limit Alarm.
Are you homing?
If you try to probe beyond the limits of the machine, you’ll get that error.

Disable soft limits.
Soft limits require a machine reference (homing) to be consistent.

I now know that it is soft limit that limits max movement in the z -axis to approx. 100mm, but the z axis is converted to 180mm movement. So is there an option to change the soft limit value?
It provides extra security to use soft limit so that the home switches are not damaged.

Didn’t you do that?

Can you copy paste the easel output when you try to probe?

Will a 50mm jog command result in a 50mm actual travel?