Z is gaining or losing steps

Change $1 to =255 (255 = ON 100% of the time)

(Corrected wrong $-parameter)

$10 is not the right variable.

You’re looking for $1

$10, through Easel, gets set to 115

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I have not changed $1 or $10. I did flip the #4 dip switch on the x and y, holding tight now during tool change. I have been setting the pots by ear like the video that has been linked on the forum.

After my latest pot adjustment and slowing my plunge rate down to 30 it made a successful 3D carve. I plan on picking up a volt meter to check the pots. I stepped on my meter and broke it.

Thanks for the help guys.

Ohm, that is so sad! :wink:

Beautiful carving though! Sorry about the meter.