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Z is going to high

Hello, when i wont to carve and i wont to raise the bit after putting everything on the zero possision the Z axis is going to high. Then go’s to de starting point and the z axis does not descend enough and does not touch the board. Before everything was working fine. What can be the problem pleasse.

Sorry about this! We had a bug in Easel that should fixed by the end of the day.

Than you Brando it is fixed.

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Maybe a nice feature would be to track whether users starting a carve will be doing so with any new Easel features implemented since their previous carve. You could display a list and also make it available for viewing in a menu option so that people could pay more attention to whether a new issue they are experiencing might be related to a bug in a new Easel feature.


Brandon Parker

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Ah, I had a trouble with Z axis three days ago and I thought it was because of mircoswitch. So I ordered new part and still waiting for it. I wonder that bug you just mentioned would also cause Z axis to carve deeper at first pass? Or it is really mircoswitch issue? can the machine go on without mircoswitch?

I believe the bug was just for retract and the microswitch should be the fix. But if your still having problems let us know or feel free to reach out to!

This is a great idea! There is going to be a new feature tab coming to Easel soon but this direct integration would be helpful. I’ll pass it along to the Easel team.

Thanks! I will wait for the part then I will let you know if I still have the problem. :slight_smile: