Z limit issue-solved

after 2 days finally could complete the assembly… trying complete setup but z limit is not working… even it touches the switch it still continue and heavy noise coming from it…

when i hear the noise i stop it… so it didnt brake

i checked my wiring 5 times and same with the instructions…

can anybody help me about this?

Thank you

You can go into your machine inspector and check each limit switch by hand and see if they are working.

how can i do that? is there any link for it?

At the top where it says machine click on that then adavanced then machine inspector at the bottom.

oke found it… and it works… but couldn’t do homing… don’t know how to do it

Does it show they are working. You can move the switch manually to see if it works.

yes all shows green

Are you sure it is hitting the pin right when it goes up. If it is not adjust right it will not stop it.

yes it hits to switch but doesn’t stop

Do you have homing enabled?


Not sure then. If homing is enabled and you have everything set right it should work. Maybe try homing it and before the z gets to up to high push on the z homing switch and see if it stops. Just a shot in the dark here.

It may be touching the switch, but is it touching enough to trigger the switch?

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yes i can hear the click noise

Your sure the Z limit indicator lights up when you goty the switch above the router?
Could you have mixed up X and Z?

yes when i check with my hand it shows green but with machine it doesnt work…

i checked at least 10 times wiring is good… i dont know how i’m gonna fix this

ok finally could solve it… disassembled and assembled again(z)

thanks for helping everybody