Z position after Probing

First time posting… I have 1000x1000 machine and I have it running ok. Problem Im having is with the dust shoe installation after I do the Z probe.
Maybe Im doing it wrong. Is there a way to change the height of the Tool after the probing? I’d like it to raise hight enough for me to install the dust shoe. Its fine if Im using a small tool, but when using a surfacing tool the tool is in the way and its a real pain to install the dust shoe.
Again maybe Im looking at this the wrong way.

I did read about entering a G28.1 code after homing but Im not sure how to do that.

Ultimately Id like the Z to raise up 1.5-2"… I

When you have finished probing Z, just jog Z up until you have room to install the dust shoe.
You will not lose the Z zero setting.

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Correct… “Probe” your Z position. Doesn’t matter move your Z position all day long, after probe. Raise it, lower it. Set your X,Y and hit cut. Easel remembers your Z position from when you measured/probed it.

I jog up in set stages ie 10mm at a time and then back down at 10mm, so bit is back to where it should be.

OK guys thanks for the info. I was afraid I was going to loose the Z position.

Simple as that Hmm?