Z probe always thinks its in contact

I’m setting up a new x-carve 1000 using the x-controller with a z-probe. When I do the setup as soon as I connect the clip to the collet the contact light comes on and setup steps to the next step. I double checked all the wiring and it is correct. Disconnected the probe cable at the controller and with no probe plugged into the chassis I read a dead short. clipped the leeds off the chassis connector and the cable checks OK. Looked at the connector and I see that the red lead is attached to two terminals, black to the shell. Anybody know how this is supposed to be wired? Is there supposed to be some other component in there? Help! - Joe Coppola

Electrical diagnosis 101. fix the short. this is a simple contact type switch, open when there is no contact closed when contact is made. could be a bad wire or connector.

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So I have kind of the same problem, when setting up the z probe without it plugged in shows that the puck has made contact, but plug in the z probe and shows open whether you are touching the probe to the GND or not. I am thinking that there is a short in the connector on the maker slide but trying to figure out what exactly I am looking for when i put the volt meter on it tonight. How many volts should be running through this connector and has anyone run into this and found a solution?

This is normal, it’s set up this way to make life easier for Easel.

This is not normal. Look for a broken wire or loose connection in the banana plug, the socket jack, or the clamp.


The problem is in the connector. I removed the connector from the housing and reconnected the z probe and it worked fine. So there must be a something that is grounding it out when it is connected to the metal mount on the z axis. Thanks for the help

Im having the same issue with z probe always thinking its in contact. even after disconnecting ALL wires from the machine it still reads a greeen light in the machine inspector. But shows nothing connected to the machine when setting up probe??

Im using Charlies P-3 block but ran two succesfull zeros and now its bugged up for some reason.