Z probe calibration

Hello all. Is there a way to recalibrate the thickness? It once carved great now using the z probe in the same material it is just hovering above in the first pass

I’m not sure what you mean but I’ll answer it with this. I use the UGS, not Easel.

I made up a macro for the z probe. I measured the thickness of the brass round with a caliper and plugged that into a series of Gcodes that I found here in this forum.

That macro makes the top of the work zero.

If you wanted to rezero, then I guess you could just reprobe it to the new level.

This is the gcode I am using. It’s in inches and the .589" is the thickness of the brass round portion of the Z probe. You need semicolons in between each code of the macro.

G20;G91;G38.2 Z -.500 F1; G92 Z .589; G0 Z .125

The macro when clicked will drop down at a rate of 1 inch a minute for a distance of a half an inch. If the bit contacts the probe round within that distance, it will make the measurement below the round Z zero, and then move back up another 1/8" to clear the brass round. You can change the Z-.500 to a larger or smaller number if you like. You can change the Z.125 to a different number if you like. You’ll have to measure the thickness of your Z plate and adjust that accordingly too.

You can define the Z-plate thickness during Machine Setup.