Z probe help and one other issue

Good day everyone. New guy here and new to CNC as well as Easel. I am having an issue I was hoping someone could possibly walk me through to solving it.

I have a Millright CNC Carve King Mini and when I am setting the machine up in the Z probe section all works fine until it’s time for Easel to probe the plate. It’s just doesn’t move.

Easel will register that the plate is connected to the router but hit Probe and the machine goes nowhere. What could be going on?

I also seem to “lose connection” ill jog the machine and then it’ll just stop, nothing happens.

Any help would be great and thank you for helping this newbie out.

Most likely the 5v output from your computer is dropping too much to power your controller board. A powered USB hub may resolve your issue…

That said many millright users simply export the gcode and use a different gcode sender, like UGS or OpenBuilds control. .

Dropping of power I am assuming would cause both issues? The z probe and losing jogging

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Yes, it could.

Awesome, thank you sir for the advice. I’ll look into getting a powered USB hub

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