Z-probe intermittently doesn’t work

Hey all,

Pretty sure I have a broken wire / bad connection on our 2 year old z-probe.

Wondering what the weak point is or if someone else has had a similar problem.

Going to order a replacement as soon as I hear from Inventables about using our UPS account… holy high shipping from Inventables…

We have about 12 projects in the queue so if I can fix it would certainly help keep our production up.

Thanks in advance for any info!

Before I ordered a new one, I would break out the ole Multimeter/Continuity Tester.
Check for continuity from the “probe+” connector on the x controller, to the center pin on the probe connector mounted to the Z axis. Do the same between the “probe gnd” and the outer sleeve of the connector. wiggle the wires with the multimeter connected (in continuity mode) and see if you have an intermittent connection there.
If you loose continuity, find and repair the bad connection!
If not, check the same way between the Z axis connector and the wires that plug into the probe (red and center pin) and the black clip (black and outer sleeve)

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Thank you for the reply.

I finally found my tester but it seems that it is working perfectly today, 3 times so far.

Anyway will check it over if it quits or at the end of the day.

Thanks again